Wednesday, November 7, 2007

where to go and what to do...

Hey everyone! This blogger is about to go back online! I'm not changing the name just yet, but I'm not going to Georgia either. I figured I worked so hard to get you all to sign up I might as well stick with it. What I want from you is responses that you're still receiving everything from me before I put all the effort into posting! And for funsies, can you identify this city?


Jon said...

If you're going to South Korea, I'm jealous :| I want to go there.

Seoul is a beautiful city.

Krista said...

still reading. :)

hope all is well.

green.forrest said...

hi amanda,

i am allways up for news around the globe - especially news about people i know personally :-)

seoul sonds great - and i admit that i am quite jealous.
but if you realyl go there don�t forget to keep all of us informed

take care

greetings for munich/germany