Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Another disappointment

Well like a lot of plans this year another one of mine fell through. The recruiters for Korea didn't bother to tell me that the month contract was full and while they continued to keep in touch, they assumed I'd be going for the 6 month contract. All good, but there were things I wanted to do this summer in Alaska and other plans made there as well as commitments that makes me need to stay in the U.S. so I can't do a six month with them. So I will not be going to Korea after all. I'm incredibly bummed about it, I had a lot of contacts set up there, new years plans, places to stay when I toured the country... books bought.

So now I'm going straight to Alaska, not sure what's supposed to happen since I'm coming a month and a half early. There were just so many disappointments this year that I need this change.


Volker said...

Hi Amanda,

sorry to read about your Korea-plan being upset...
looks like there´s someone not wanting you to leave the states and explore the world on your own.
But i am pretty sure you will do so. head up - looking foreward.
and tell us more about alaska when you are there.
merry christmas
and a happier new year

yours volker

Sara said...

Hey friend,

I'm sorry that the plans for Korea fell through, but I think you're going to have an awesome time in Alaska. I'm still sad you're going, but selfishly, I'm kinda glad you didn't go to Korea. It's far. And dangerous. When I think "Alaska" I think moose and snow and dog sled races. Those seem like happy things to me. :-)

Anyway, I know you're disappointed and I know it really doesn't make it better to say things like, "it'll all be ok", even though I'm sure it will be.

You definitely need a change and hopefully Alaska will be what you want and need.

I love you and miss you!

Take care of yourself and keep in touch fo' sheezy.

Love ya,