Saturday, June 9, 2007

Goodbye My Friends

Well, I'm all packed and ready to go. I managed to squeeze two years worth of "stuff" into these two bags, including winter stuff. Wow. This will be my last post before boarding the plane to DC and eventually to Georgia.

For those who seem to be confused, here's a map of my new home with reference to surrounding countries. It really is a beautiful place.

So, here's what I'm about to journey through before even landing in Georgia. This cartoon was labelled "new airline weapons" I thought it was hilarious.

And after that recent foil of the terrorist plot I will be pretty wary of all the people on board the plane with me.

I will miss you all and hope to be missed. For some of you Europeans (Alf, Sturla, Volker) I am moving closer and hope we will eventually get to meet up. Love you all! Wish me luck.


cebollo said...

hey amanda i really wish you luck and i really hope that we don't loose contact, love ya!

green.forrest said...

hey amanda,
we might be a little nearer but there are still about 3000 miles between us... so it might be quite difficult to meet on sunday aftrenoon :-)

but to see you again would be graet!

what exactly are you doing in georgia?
please tell us more!

greetings from germany