Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Music is What Makes me Happiest in the World.

I've had a lot of down time in the past few months and have been doing some recording of songs I've been learning by ear. I decided to post a few today because a band member from one of the bands I covered commented on my video. I am so honored and proud.

Samson: by Regina Spektor. Really simple and just trying out having my keyboard in Portland

Say Goodbye: By Girlyman. I worked something like 40 hours to make this. I did all the parts myself and took a lot of time in coordination and recording. I only have a point and shoot camera with video option and a computer for playback so the sound isn't professional. Plus the lowest part of the three harmonies is sung by a guy in the real song. I had to transpose it up to a different key so I could sing it. But that made singing the main part difficult. I lost momentum to record a flawless version, but this is close. I am very embarrassed by mistake though. :(

Monpelier: by Girlyman. Same situation, but this was much easier. I just love this song for some reason. My guitar skills have gotten so much better since trying to learn Girlyman songs, but still far from considering myself a guitar player.


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